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Early learner playing with toys
It’s been said that an investment in our children is an investment in our future with some even quantifying specific returns on those investments! With this in mind, and elevating the significance that investments in early experiences matter for young children, the U.S. Department of Education (Department) recently released a Dear Colleague Letter stating: “The skills and knowledge that children acquire in their early years are the building…
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A small group of early learners
Dr. Sarah McClusky is a member of the Capacity Building Team at the National Comprehensive Center (NCC). She has worked in the field of early learning/early childhood for the past 20 years, initially entering the field as a first-grade teacher. Prior to joining the NCC, Dr. McClusky was an Assistant Professor of Education in an early education teacher preparation program, and before that, an Assistant Director at Ohio Department of Education in…
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Teacher sitting with students
Dr. Donna Elam is a nationally recognized authority in diversity and cultural competence research and training for educational, business, governmental, and community agencies. At the NCC, she is a Co-Lead for the Driving Toward Equity Through School Improvement Community of Practice and a member of the Designing for Equity team. Mr. Don Barfield, project director for the NCC policy scan, has over 30 years’ experience in…
Student and teacher chatting
Do you sometimes have days when you are just jumping from one thing to another? “Ping ponging” from topic to topic? By the end of the day, you feel both exhausted and like you haven’t accomplished anything. Defeated! Consider that some students may experience those feelings every school day—often as the result of well-meaning intentions to provide them with extra instructional support. Elementary and middle school students who are…
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Students learning with headsets
By Anne Partika The Office of English Language Acquisition wants to provide every student with a pathway to multilingualism. Here’s how they plan to do it. Dr. Melissa Castillo, Senior Advisor in the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA), provided the CCNetwork Multilingual Learner Work Group with an update on the Department’s new “Being Bilingual is a Superpower” initiative and other work to support pathways to multilingualism…