CCNetwork Highlights

This rotating collection highlights stories, resources, and tools from across the CCNetwork and showcases topics of urgent interest. For each collection we provide: 

  • An introduction to the topic
  • An outline of subtopics
  • Concise and useful tools and how to obtain them
  • Resources designed to underpin successful practice
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Available Topics:

Financial Decisionmaking

Strategic planning, supported by quality data and thoughtful financial management, is vital for today’s education system.  These resources and best practices help educators:

  • Assess students and programs
  • Identify inequities
  • Set actionable and measurable goals
  • Track progress
  • Make smart investment decisions
  • Meet financial transparency requirements

Native Education Collaborative

Together, we can create school environments where Native students thrive. The collaborative provides resources to connect state education agencies (SEAs), tribal education agencies, tribal representatives, local education agencies, and schools. These resources: 

  • Integrate knowledge from indigenous educators and the strengths of students’ Native communities
  • Offer a place to start conversations with SEAs to foster understanding of Native student education 
  • Provide the flexibility to adapt to individual states

Multilingual Learners

Multilingual learners now make up more than 10% of the US student population, and they include students who were born in the US as well those who have immigrated here. More than 75% of multilingual learners speak Spanish, and many schools and districts have more than 100 languages represented among their students.  As noted by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, multilingualism is a superpower!

Teaching and Learning

Instructional methods, curriculum materials, and helpful tools support K-12 learning at school, at home, and in the community.  Explore strategies and best practices on:

  • Literacy and early learning
  • Online/distance learning
  • High-dosage tutoring
  • STEM and computer science
  • Post-secondary preparation

Educator Workforce

The CCNetwork supports states and districts as they design and implement strategies to ensure students have equitable access to effective teachers and leaders.

  • Attracting and recruiting educator talent
  • Preparing and certifying educators
  • Diversifying the educator workforce 
  • Developing culturally responsive practices
  • Supporting professional growth and evaluation systems
  • Cultivating educational leadership

Student and Staff Well-Being

Social-emotional learning and trauma-informed practices are essential to K-12 education. These resources can help improve:

  • School climate
  • Student engagement
  • Academic outcomes
  • Relationships between educators and students

Summer and Out-of-School Time

Summer learning and out-of-school time (OST) programs are fun and important ways to:

  • Make up for lost instructional time
  • Build relationships between students and teachers
  • Engage the whole family and community
  • Prepare students and families for the next school year