Strengthening and diversifying the teacher workforce is a priority of the National Center. Working in collaboration with Regional Comprehensive Centers and State Education Agencies, the National Center develops policy and practice resources to assist state education agencies in their efforts to address gaps in their educator workforce, from preservice through continuing education. The National Center supports a group of Regional Center staff supporting workforce initiatives in their states that collaborates to leverage resources and tools for greater collective impact toward addressing racial, linguistic, and cultural gaps in the ratio of students and educators. The Infographic below frames our current work focused on Strengthening and Diversifying the Teacher Workforce.

A series of boxes containing the text, Recruit into the profession, prepare, recruit and onboard, retain, and advance

Evidence-based Planning and Implementation

A circle chart with the six sections containing the words: Identify gaps and root causes; Identify, examine and select strategy; develop implementation plan; set targets and benchmarks; implement; and monitor and report progress.

Policy and Practice Briefs

A grid of icons containing the words: the problem; research; strategies; state examples; recommendations/resources; and state teacher workforce policy.


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