Formative Assessment

Formative assessments are frequent, instructionally-embedded checks for understanding that provide quick, continual snapshots of student progress across time. The resources in this collection cover strategies to use student assessment data to support decision-making, to involve students in goal-setting, and to incorporate formative assessment in lesson plans.

Using Student Assessment Data to Support Decision-Making
Resource Type: Policy/Policy brief
2018 PDF (pdf)
This report identifies and discusses five recommendations that State Education Agencies (SEAs) can implement to increase their use of data.
Using Needs Assessments for School and District Improvement: A Tactical Guide
Resource Type: Practice guide
2017 PDF (pdf)
This tactical guide is designed to support state education agencies (SEAs), local education agencies (LEAs), and schools as they design and complete needs assessments for various purposes.
Student Goal Setting: An Evidence-Based Practice
Resource Type: Practice guide
2018 PDF (pdf)
This resource was developed to support initiatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin related to personalized and deeper learning, including the use of student academic and career plans. It includes a brief summary of the research, highlights promising goal-setting practices, and provides the results of a research evidence review that indicates that there is promising (Tier III) evidence for the practice of student goal setting.
Lesson Planning with Formative Assessment: Arizona Lesson Planning Presentation Slides
Resource Type: Presentation
2018 PDF (pdf)
This presentation was used during in-person training/workshop sessions to discuss how to incorporate formative assessment into lesson plans in Arizona.