Center Spotlight - National Center on Improving Literacy

The National Center on Improving Literacy (NCIL) is a partnership among literacy experts, university researchers, and technical assistance providers, with funding from the United States Department of Education. Their mission is to increase access to, and use of, evidence-based approaches to screen, identify, and teach students with literacy-related disabilities, including dyslexia. 

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Supporting Your Child's Literacy Development at Home
Resource Type: Video
2018 Video (mp4/m4v/mov)
In this video tutorial, parents learn evidence-based strategies, tips, and activities to help their child develop as a reader from preschool through adolescence.
The Alphabetic Principle: From Phonological Awareness to Reading Words
Resource Type: Infographic
2018 PDF (pdf)
This document summarizes strategies for teaching the alphabetic principle, a critical skill that involves connecting letters with their sounds to support reading and writing.
Succeeding in School: Essential Features of Literacy Development
Resource Type: Publication
2017 PDF (pdf)
This brief discusses two areas of literacy development that students must learn so that they can do well in school: foundational reading skills and academic language.
Ask & Answer: Phonemic Awareness
Resource Type: Video
2018 Video (mp4/m4v/mov)
This “Ask and Answer” video glossary answers common questions that parents and teachers may have about phonemic awareness, defined as the ability to identify and play with individual sounds in spoken words.
Kid Zone!
Type: Project
The Kid Zone! is an online “literacy playground for kids and families”, where students can listen to audio and video books, play literacy apps and games, and read books at their level. It also features the Kid Zone! exclusive comic book: Adventures in Reading, featuring Kayla, a student with dyslexia.
State of Dyslexia
Type: Project
An interactive map that lets users explore dyslexia legislation and related initiatives in the United States of America.