Social & Emotional Learning

Informational Resources on Improving Social and Emotional Learning and Outcomes

Improving students’ social and emotional outcomes is of great interest to many and this document organizes the numerous reports, publications, and online resources on social, emotional, and behavioral learning (SEL) into categories for streamlined access and use. The author started with a searchable database of resources at the Center to Improve Social and Emotional Learning and School Safety. Additional resources were added, particularly on the recommendations of SEL experts. The reports/resources are free and easily accessible online (links provided).

Social and Emotional Learning Observation and Reflection: A Resource Tool

The Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core outlines early learning expectations linked to K-12 standards, organized by key domains of learning. This set focuses on Social and Emotional Development and includes an overview and directions for using the observation tools, a child scan, a teacher scan, and an environment inventory. The set also includes a school-wide reflection tool for administrators and teams to plan and implement program improvement, resources, and supports.