Prioritize Investments for Ongoing Recovery & Transformation: SPCR Webinar 2 Videos

Colleagues learning together

This collection of videos is from the second Strategic Planning for Continued Recovery (SPCR) webinar, highlighting ways to prioritize efforts for ongoing recovery after relief funds have ended.

Video 1: Introducing Prioritizing Investments for Ongoing Recovery and Transformation
Jill Lammert, NCC Co-Director, and Jack Schwarz, SPCR SME and R7CC Co-Deputy Director, provide a preview of the content and reflection questions state education agencies (SEAs) can use to think about their current work around prioritizing investments.  

Video 2: Making Trade-Offs to Maximize Student Outcomes
Ventura Rodriguez from Education Resource Strategies (ERS) discusses approaches SEAs can use to prioritize investments.

Video 3: Using System Strategy to Determine Return on Investment
Ventura Rodriguez from ERS introduces a mechanism to determine impact and a systemic approach to determine impact and prioritize investments.

Video 4: Applying Strategic Prioritization Strategies
Ventura Rodriguez from ERS walks participants through the Budget Hold’em game designed to help school districts rethink their budgeting process. 

Video 5: Mary Ellen Heuton Chief Financial Officer Hamilton County School District
Mary Ellen Heuton, Chief Financial Officer for Hamilton County School District, shares their work conducted to identify trade-off decisions. 

Video 6: Using SEA Levers to Assist with Prioritizing Investments
Jessica Swanson, Edunomics Lab, provides an overview of levers SEAs can use with local education agencies (LEAs) to support prioritization of investments.