Aug 23, 2023

Literacy Strategies for Every Grade

Chris Dwyer
Capacity Building Lead
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When it became apparent that the pandemic-related changes to education were resulting in widespread academic slowdowns and learning challenges, the Comprehensive Center Network’s Accelerated Learning Work Group developed a guide for school literacy teams to help address the learning disruption in grades 1–3.


The literacy guide provides strategies to prioritize instructional goals, plan efficient use of instructional time, reorganize staffing to relieve some burden on teachers, and centralize support for parents. It’s filled with links to other evidence-based literacy resources too.


Because users responded so positively to the guide, the Work Group developed two more to aid literacy leaders in grades 4–8 and 9–12, including advice essential for learning recovery. These guides explore more complicated literacy skills like comprehension, vocabulary, and writing as well as transferring skills across different contexts, summarizing, and finding themes.


Each guide focuses on what is most important for literacy leaders to message at those grade levels and provides ways for them to support teachers and students. With 20 or more links to relevant observation tools, self-assessments, research articles, and practical briefs, users gain a “one stop” for seminal documents in a layout that is self-paced with bookmark navigation that makes it easy to jump to key topics.


While aimed at literacy leadership teams, feedback suggests that teachers as well as parents have found the guides to be useful resources.

See for yourself:

Literacy Leads, Learning Follows, Students Succeed: Advice for Grades 1–3 Literacy Leaders

Literacy Leads, Content Follows, Students Thrive: Advice for Grades 4–8 Literacy Leaders

Literacy Leads, Content Follows, Students Advance: Advice for Grades 9–12 Literacy Leaders

Many other CCNetwork literacy resources can be found in the resource library to help learners of all ages develop life-long literacy skills.