Jun 12, 2023

All About The National Center Presents: Data-Driven Recovery

Amanda Andrews
Communication Specialist
The National Center Presents: Data-Driven Recovery logo

Did you catch The National Center Presents: Data-Driven Recovery? The latest session emphasized the value of using data to make informed, meaningful decisions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many states and jurisdictions were forced to pivot and find creative solutions to ensure lessons continued. Some of these shifts have become the new normal while other districts are looking to pivot again to better support students and mitigate additional learning loss. Joined by leaders from Connecticut and Missouri, the panel discussed how they collected, interpreted, and used data to accelerate learning.


Chief Performance Officer Ajit Gopalakrishnan from the Connecticut State Department of Education described how his state leveraged data to assess where students were at in their learning journey. When it was determined that middle grades were struggling in math, the state developed a high-dosage tutoring program using American Rescue Plan dollars. Check out the video to learn more!


Assistant Commissioner Chris Neale from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education explained the multitude of ways his state is using data, including monitoring academic recovery, teacher recruitment and retention, and even the possibilities of a four-day school week. For more information on their data collection and strategies, check out the video from the session.

Further Exploration

If your state education agency is interested in making or refining data-driven decisions, check out this Q&A video, moderated by Christian Rhodes, which provides even more insights into how Connecticut and Missouri began their initiatives and how they’re working to make them sustainable. For a quick overview, you can also view the summary from this session.