May 10, 2023

Advice for School Improvement

Joe Simpson
Re-Imagine, Ret-Tool, Re-Commit: Advice for the School Improvement Journey with accompanying image of hot air balloons and birds soaring over a rural landscape

State education agency (SEA) and local education agency (LEA) leaders from seven states participated in a year-long Equity and School Improvement initiative supported by National (NCC) and Regional Comprehensive Centers (RCC). The Community of Practice was based on the National Academy of Sciences Monitoring Educational Equity report and focused on the use of equity indicators for systemic change. As a culminating activity, participants shared advice about the school improvement process. The advice aligns with five areas of the school improvement process: 

  • Designation of low performing schools
  • Crafting messages
  • Setting planning requirements
  • Supporting changes
  • Sustaining improvements


Using those five categories, NCC staff organized the tips for school improvement in a short animated video, Re-Imagine, Re-Tool, Re-Commit: Advice for the School Improvement Journey, designed to spark discussions between SEA and LEA leaders about best practices in the school improvement process.

The Region 11 Comprehensive Center staff participated in the Community of Practice and distributed the video to state department of education staff in Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Les Koch, Director Title 1-A and School Improvement, Wyoming Department of Education, shared that he will be using several tips from the video during the upcoming annual 2023 Wyoming STAR (Summer Technical Assistance Retreat). STAR is the annual state’s professional development conference for federal grant funds and programs. 

Check out the video and share ideas for using the tips with your Title I and school improvement colleagues.