Mar 31, 2023

5 Strategies to Empower Teachers to be Leaders

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By Matthew Finster & Amy Lamitie

Let's Help Principals Empower Teachers to Be Leaders!

Research has shown that principals are in the best position to help retain their teachers and provide the support and encouragement needed for educators to advance in their careers. We recently offered school leaders “5 Strategies to Empower Teachers to be Leaders” in an Education Week article based on our work as West Virginia Co-Leads with the Region 5 Comprehensive Center, supporting educators in the Mountain State.

Teacher leadership programs have shown the potential to help educators assume leadership roles and stay in the classroom. Unfortunately, programs are often poorly designed, mismanaged, or not fully supported, which limits their effectiveness. With educator shortages in multiple content areas and states, school leaders must provide meaningful career pathways that spread best practices but also allow teachers to stay in the classroom with their students.

Read through our essay and use the resources to develop a plan of action or policy to advance teacher leadership in powerful ways within your school or district. We hope you also use the strategies and resources to strengthen your retention efforts.


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