Nov 22, 2022

A One-Stop-Shop for Accelerated Learning

Sherelle Foust
Accelerated Learning Title Page

Accelerated Learning is a popular post-pandemic catchphrase and has sparked plenty of press, resources from education experts, and products from vendors. So how do educators find the most useful information and resources? Where do teachers look to develop their understanding of Accelerated Learning, find quality tools, create steps for implementation, and acquire testimonies from other educators? The National Comprehensive Center’s Accelerated Learning Work Group has developed a Guide to Accelerated Learning. The guide was put in place to support educators with first steps and state education agency examples of various approaches to one of the most popular post-pandemic solutions. Use the Guide to learn:

  • The difference between “Acceleration” and “Remediation”
  • How to engage families
  • Steps for implementation
  • How to access multiple states’ resources

We would appreciate your feedback on the Guide to Accelerated Learning. Please use this link to share your thoughts on which Accelerated Learning resources have proven to be effective tools for you.