Jun 10, 2021

COVID-19 and State Policy Opportunities to Strengthen the Educator Workforce

Kimilee Norman-Goins
Publishing Editor
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Region 7 posted a new blog by Lauren Matlach, Lauren Jetty Ph.D., Lori Vandeborne, and Jack Schwarz.

COVID-19 prompted state education agencies (SEAs) to make short-term changes to educator talent management policies, practices, and systems. Below we suggest areas where states might want to take a second look before reverting to past practices.

Emphasize quality in educator preparation requirements. Some states, like Alabama and Iowa, waived time requirements related to on-site clinical experiences (Deans for Impact, 2020). Others, like California and Kansas, kept their existing time requirements but offered new flexibilities such as virtual teaching and observations (Deans for Impact, 2020). Moving forward, states have an opportunity to shift the focus from time requirements to clear guidance on the quality and depth of clinical experiences, both remote and in-person.

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