Dec 15, 2020

Select for Success: Research-Informed Recommendations for Teacher Selection

Cara Jackson
cover photo

The COVID-19 pandemic has created disruptions in the teacher workforce, including reductions-in-force due to budget cuts, hesitation from teachers to return in-person to the classroom, and relaxed standards for entering the profession. Given the disruptions to students’ learning over the  past year, it is critical that districts thoughtfully design selection processes to identify the most promising teacher candidates.

In Strengthening the Teacher Workforce Through Selection Processes, we outline several considerations and accompanying action steps to improve the teacher selection process as a cost-effective means of strengthening the teacher workforce. Considerations include aligning selection processes and tools with desired performance competencies, standardizing processes to improve the quality of data used to inform selection decisions and minimize bias, and using all relevant available information in the selection process and make information accessible to those involved in selection decisions.

The brief is a quick read with a substantial list of research for the reader who wants to go further with the action steps.