Aug 13, 2020

With first annual reports of school spending data in the rear view, state education agencies look to improve the next round

Laura Anderson
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June 30th was the federal deadline for states to report school-by-school spending data under ESSA’s financial transparency requirement. To date, 44 states and D.C. have released spending data, with the remainder preparing to publish by fall. 

To take stock of how states did and what can be improved, Edunomics Lab's Financial Transparency Working Group (FiTWiG – a group of nearly all state education agencies plus more than 20 school districts) will join Dr. Marguerite Roza on August 18 to discuss which states have published (and which have not), where visualizations work well (and where they fall short), and important next steps to ensure the data are useful for school improvement and equity efforts.

Building off Edunomics Lab’s early assessment of states’ reporting so far, this webinar will help SEAs and RCCs explore key questions such as: Are the data any good? Can they offer a lens on equity? How can leaders use the data to help navigate the current financial crisis? What can be done to ensure these valuable data get used?

As education leaders face tough financial decisions, school-level spending data are more important than ever to promote constructive dialogue about equitable distribution of dollars and how best to use limited resources on behalf of students. To join the conversation, email