Oct 14, 2021 - Oct 14, 2021

Data Collection After COVID-19: What Needs to Change?


Data collection halted during COVID-19 for many states, districts, and schools. In fall 2021, we are presented with a unique opportunity in fall 2021 to interrogate the data we collect. What data do schools and districts need to serve all students? How can schools and districts avoid "returning to normal" with their data, which often does not tell the whole story? These questions span topics beyond discipline, assessment, and attendance, encompassing mental health, food insecurity, abuse, and learning loss, among others.

This webinar will identify specific data that schools should collect and strategies to interpret data in order to combat opportunity gaps and learning loss along the lines of race, class, English language status, gender, and ability.

The webinar aims to:
• Identify the ways in which data can create and amplify inequities and how it can be used to support equitable outcomes
• Describe data use and “learning loss” during COVID-19
• Share strategies for school and district leaders to identify and collect data that meets student needs