Sep 22, 2021 - Sep 22, 2021

High-Intensity Tutoring to Accelerate Learning

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As states and districts use their federal recovery American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to accelerate learning over the next several school years, high-quality tutoring is a promising way to address the impact of lost instructional time due to COVID-19 and address student academic needs. Tutoring is highlighted as a key strategy in the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) ED COVID-19 Handbook, which provides strategies that can be supported by ARP funds to address opportunity gaps exacerbated by the pandemic.

In this 90-minute webinar, presenters will discuss the research base for systematic, high-quality tutoring and share a case study of how one nonprofit high school math tutoring program enacts evidence-based principles.

Participants will:
- Learn about the research base for high-quality tutoring
- Explore critical questions to ask when assessing local conditions and planning to implement tutoring programs
- Hear examples of best practices in tutoring, as applied through one program and how it is implemented in an example district
- Have an opportunity to ask questions and receive resources to guide their own work

This is the first in a three-part webinar series on high-quality tutoring as a strategy for accelerating learning after disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.