Researchers have documented positive outcomes from a variety of programs, leading to recommended design principles and instructional strategies to incorporate in summer plans. Practitioners share how they implement evidence-based principles in different settings.

  • Girls raising hand for teacher in classroom

    8/12: Vacation Academies: High Power Learning in Short Time Blocks

    Summer sessions will soon come to a close but the need for learning acceleration will continue. Short-term “vacation” academies are a learning recovery strategy that has shown positive literacy and math results. This session presents the evidence along with practical advice for engineering successful experiences

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  • Two young school children share a laptop in a school classroom setting

    7/22: STEM opportunities in summer, out-of-school and in-school programs

    Learn about STEM experiences for students including computer programming and data science and how summer and out-of-school STEM partnerships can strengthen in-school STEM education.

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  • A diverse group of young school kids sit around a table working on an art project

    7/22: Summertime Arts Learning for PreK-12 Students

    States, districts and their partners have the opportunity to use funds to provide access to skills and content areas like arts education that enable students to explore their passions and interests. Join us to hear from practitioners about successful strategies and resources to increase access and equity in the arts.

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  • A teacher working with a student points towards her computer screen

    6/24: Evaluation Models: Learning from Data

    This tabletop discussion examined several approaches to evaluation that can be used to make improvements to summer programs.

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    6/10: High Quality Instruction for Multilingual Learners: Implementing Key Principles

    This tabletop discussion focused on key considerations for developing effective programming for multilingual learners.

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    6/10: Keep Them Coming: Attendance as the Key to Summer Learning

    This tabletop discussion explored strategies for maximizing student attendance in summer programming after a prolonged period of disruption.

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    5/27: Powerful Interventions: The Evidence for Incorporating High-Dosage Tutoring in Summer Programs

    This tabletop discussion from the 5/27 Virtual Session examines the effectiveness of high impact tutoring to address student disrupted learning and to accelerate learning over the long-term.

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    4/27: Planning for Summer… and Beyond: Opportunities for Extended Learning Time

    This tabletop discussion from Day 2 of the National Convening on 4/27 focuses on leveraging the expertise of different community organizations to develop effective summer programming.

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