Meet the challenge of engaging staff for summer programs by reaching out to new sources and diversifying the pool of educators who work with students. Consider incentives that appeal and supports to help educators maintain their energy and enthusiasm for working with students.

  • An african american teacher works with a group of young students who are building a robot in a STEM classroom

    7/22: A Coalition for Teacher Diversity

    Participants will hear about a comprehensive, robust statewide coalition that has been working since 2016 to increase the percentage of teachers of color and American Indian teachers in Minnesota which stands at 5% while students of color represent 37% of all students. Working from a five-point platform, the Coalition has garnered bipartisan endorsement in the legislature for its Increase Teachers of Color Act and has succeeded in getting an increase of annual state funding from $4 million to $15 million for a variety of initiatives.

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  • A diverse group of educators stand in a row

    6/10: Increasing Workforce Diversity to Boost Learning Recovery Efforts

    This tabletop discussion focused on the importance of a diverse educator workforce in programming to support student achievement.

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  • Teacher and student building a robot

    5/27: In It Together: Maximizing Partnerships Between Education and Workforce to Support High School Students

    This tabletop discussion from the 5/27 Virtual Session explores options for using funding from the U.S Department of Education and the Department of Labor for youth summer employment and work-based learning.

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  • Three teachers having a conversation

    5/27: Working Together: Recruiting, Training and Supporting Staff Members for Impactful Summer Learning

    This tabletop discussion from the 5/27 Virtual Session explores innovative recruitment and onboarding strategies to meet summer staffing needs.

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    4/27: Collaborating to Staff Summer Learning Programs: Leveraging Partnerships

    This tabletop discussion from Day 2 of the National Convening on 4/27 focuses on establishing holistic partnerships to address summer staffing needs and to develop lasting community ecosystems.

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  • teacher and students sitting outdoors

    4/27: Attracting and Supporting Staff for Summer Programs

    This tabletop discussion from Day 2 of the National Convening on 4/27 examines AmeriCorps’ work to support programming in local school districts.

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