Meeting students’ social-emotional needs has become paramount for those who want to help students succeed academically. Program leaders share ideas for creating a positive learning climate and developing community connections to support students and their families.

  • An older man teaches two teenagers, one female and one male, how to work on a car engine in a workshop setting.

    7/22: Out-of-school programs help teens transition to careers

    earn about the ways that Boys & Girls Clubs of America prepare teens for the workforce by exploring career interests and options, developing employability skills, engaging students in real-world work experiences, and providing college readiness skills.

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  • A Native American child looks contemplatively into the distance

    7/8: Culturally Responsive Considerations for Summer Programs Targeted to Native Students

    The session introduces a soon-to-be released toolkit with considerations and strategies to keep in mind when planning and implementing summer programming for Native students. Representatives from tribes and districts discuss their experiences in planning summer programming for Native students.

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  • A diverse group of adults in discussion

    7/8: Supporting Vulnerable Students Through Multiagency Coordination

    District and school leaders discuss how they have worked with local agencies to support students who have faced significant disruptions to their education, such as homelessness, foster care placement, or incarceration. Presenters will describe strategies to address the challenges vulnerable students face as a result of the pandemic and how they plan to continue supporting students during the school year.

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  • Teacher talking with students in a school hallway

    6/10: Best Practices in Youth Mentoring

    This tabletop discussion explored different mentoring models and how they can help students through periods of disruption.

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  • A group of teachers having a discussion

    6/10: Creating a Collaborative Site Climate

    This tabletop discussion explored strategies for creating a supportive climate for summer learning and enrichment for students of different ages.

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  • group of girls touching elbows

    4/27: Supporting All Students: Best Practices for Engaging and Serving Older, High School Youth This Summer

    This tabletop discussion from Day 2 of the National Convening on 4/27 offers strategies for successfully engaging older youth in summer programming including providing leadership training and workforce development opportunities.

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  • group of girls wearing masks picking up trash

    4/27: Meeting Whole Student and Family Needs Through Collaborative Partnerships at School

    This tabletop discussion from Day 2 of the National Convening on 4/27 examines how two organizations partnered to provide wraparound services to support student achievement.

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  • Teacher and students sitting outside

    4/27: Addressing Students’ Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs

    This tabletop discussion from Day 2 of the National Convening on 4/27 explores the development of a social and emotional learning course to support students’ long-term mental health.

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