Supporting the socioemotional wellbeing of our school communities has never been more important. During these challenging times, it is critical to address the stress and anxiety faced by students and staff, to help them feel safe and secure, and ready to learn and teach. This set of curated resources focuses on trauma-informed approaches to social, emotional, and behavioral learning; they are designed to increase the capacity of RCs, SEAs, and LEAs to support their school communities. In addition to providing capacity building resources that can be used universally, the resources are also targeted to specific needs and contexts, such as schools in rural communities, or schools that are in the early stages of implementing SEL strategies.

    • Thumbnail of cover page Assessing Socioemotional Needs: Return-To-School Surveys for Teachers, School Counselors, Parents, and Students
    • Thumbnail of cover page Informational Resources on Improving Social and Emotional Learning and Outcomes
    • Thumbnail of four pronged approach to SEL Student Engagement in Online Classes: Tips for Teachers Based on Trauma-Informed Approaches and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Strategies