Even before the disruptions caused by the pandemic, state agency literacy leaders experienced frustration with lack of progress in reading achievement and the reluctance of many educators to employ research-based reading instruction.  The collection highlights strategies that states and districts can use to address these challenges, recognizing the changing circumstances caused by the pandemic. The collection includes advice for best practices for remote and hybrid reading instruction.

    • Overview: This professional development package shares information from an expert roundtable event held at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. The event showcased evidence-based guidance to state policymakers and educators about remote and hybrid learning in literacy. The package includes short videos, researchers’ answers to question posed by participants, and links to training resources. find additional research in this white paper.

      • Title Screen, Evidence Based Literacy Instruction: Teaching Reading Online

        Evidence-based Literacy Instruction within Remote and Blended/Hybrid Learning Environments

    • Comprehensive Centers' Support for Implementing Literacy Programs
    • State Policy Levers for Improving Literacy
    • Literacy Leads, Setting Follows – Advice for Grades 1-3 Literacy Leaders in Disrupted Environments