Education agencies are facing more complex problems in an ever-changing environment calling for strategic thinking, planning, performance management. Strategic Performance Management (SPM) is a process education leaders can use to set a strong direction and engage every employee in performance-guided, satisfying work connected to the agency’s strategic direction. SPM links strategic planning with performance management into one, seamless process, combining systematic focus with opportunities to challenge the routine and discover more productive avenues to success. By aligning strategic constructs, milestones, and activities (strategic planning) with related performance measures and processes (performance management), an SPM framework is formed that synergizes an agency’s information environment around its established direction—mission, goals, and strategies. A number of practices incorporated into SPM have been shown to lead to better organizational results, when applied systematically, and to also enhance employee relations, operating procedures, and fact-based decision making. State, regional or local education agencies, including charter schools, will find SPM a useful process to transform the agency into a high performing successful organization.

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