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Toolkit Cover

Returning to School: A Toolkit for Principals

2020 Tools/Toolkit

One way or another, we are returning to school. We may be in classrooms, or at home, or both. But it will be our school, and it will be different from when we left. One thing will be the same, however, our principal will be looking out for everyone—students, families, teachers, staff. This toolkit is for the principal and the team the principal assembles to help everyone return to school, whatever that may look like. Suggested actions, recommended resources, quick tip sheets—the toolkit is a handy computer desktop companion for helping people with Change, Communication, Collaboration, and Care in the time of COVID.

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Schools' First and Forever Responders: Preparing and Supporting Teachers

2020 Practice guide PDF

Schools’ First and Forever Responders: Preparing and Supporting Teachers in the Time of COVID-19 elevates a rationale and considerations for evidence-based strategies and innovative approaches to support teachers and teacher candidates during and following the COVID-19 crisis. Because teachers are the most vital in-school education resource, supporting the teacher workforce through the disruptions created by COVID-19 is essential to ensure continuity of learning for students. As schools and districts rush to meet immediate workforce needs, longer term planning is critical in light of looming budget declines. For each of the considerations highlighted in the brief, we cite re search or examples from other states and districts that can be helpful to learn more and guide decision-making.

Literacy Cover

State Policy Levers for Improving Literacy

2020 Publication PDF

The disappointing results of the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress--a dip in trajectory of reading proficiency for all students except those at the highest level of ability--are prompting states to consider new reading-related policies and actions. In State Policy Levers for Improving Literacy, Barbara Foorman describes the validated non-negotiable steps for ensuring Grade 3 reading success and offers advice about policies that SEAs can implement to guide and support actions at district and school levels.

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Strategic Performance Management: A Journey in Organizational Effectiveness

2020 Practice guide PDF

This document describes the work of the Building State Capacity and Productivity Center (BSCP) Center as they guided three state education agencies (SEAs), a branch within an SEA, an insular area public school system, the Bureau of Indian Education, and the Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission in the four components of the Strategic Performance Management (SPM) process, applied to school improvement efforts.  The authors outline strategies implemented and lessons learned and conclude with a discussion of the future of SPM. 


Transforming Systems for High Levels of Learning for All Students: Personalized Learning in Wisconsin

2018 Practice guide PDF

The Midwest Comprehensive Center conducted interviews with education leaders who have been collaborating with the Institute for Personalized Learning and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to implement personalized learning initiatives in their schools. This document provides a snapshot of each district’s journey and shares an approach for schools to grow a personalized learning ecosystem.

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