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How do we know we’re making an impact? The CCNetwork’s Impact Stories illustrate the results of our work by celebrating ingenuity and collaboration and highlighting moments that sparked change in education. Written by National Comprehensive Center and Regional Comprehensive Center staff, these stories detail key strategies, important lessons, and promising solutions emerging from the CCNetwork's work with SEAs and LEAs across the country. We also share success stories of CCSSO members here as well to elevate additional examples of ways states and jurisdictions are making an impact in education. Filter by topic, Center, or state/jurisdiction to gain new ideas and to cheer for the great work happening in your area.

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Impact Stories
The National Comprehensive Center brought together state education agency teams to function as Communities of Practice to focus on critical educational issues related to equity, out-of-school time programming, and use of American Rescue Plan funds.
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Grant Extends Learning Time for Over 11,000 Students in Ohio
The Ohio state education agency collaborated with 115 districts and schools to extend learning into the summer, allowing students to solve STEM problems, explore their communities, and receive college and career counseling.
  • Topic(s): Accelerated Learning/Tutoring, Summer and Out-of-School Time
  • State(s): Ohio
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
Louisiana Sees Its Most Significant Academic Results Since 2016
Louisiana saw a 3 percent increase in math and English language arts and a 2 percent increase in science. Students have recovered about half of their learning loss and are poised to accelerate forward.
  • Topic(s): Accelerated Learning/Tutoring
  • State(s): Louisiana
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
Alabama Students and Teachers Are Excited to be Back in the Classroom
Test results show students are recovering academically after the pandemic and are on the right path, moving forward.
  • Topic(s): Accelerated Learning/Tutoring
  • State(s): Alabama
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
Rekindling Curiosity Program Makes Camp Affordable to Every Student in New Hampshire
Every student in New Hampshire can run, play, and have fun at camp during the summer thanks to the Rekindling Curiosity Program.
  • Topic(s): Summer and Out-of-School Time
  • State(s): New Hampshire
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
Grant Allows Colorado School Leadership Team to Develop K–3 Standards-Aligned Math Curriculum
After a dramatic drop in the first assessment results for math and English language arts post-pandemic, COVID-relief dollars became grants for schools and districts focusing on curriculum.
  • Topic(s): Accelerated Learning/Tutoring
  • State(s): Colorado
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
Flexibility with Relief Funds Allows Washington Districts to Succeed
Thanks to financial flexibility, districts have been able to address unique needs like food insecurity and Wi-Fi hotspots, which has led to higher attendance rates and learning recovery.
  • Topic(s): Student and Family Engagement, School Improvement
  • State(s): Washington
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
Recovery Money Allows North Dakota to Train, Tutor, and Advance
North Dakota is using the recovery money to train school board members, hire math specialists, and offer more advanced placement classes to high school students.
  • Topic(s): Recruitment, Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • State(s): North Dakota
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
North Carolina Leads the Nation in K–3 Literacy
The end of the year reading diagnostic data revealed North Dakota K–3 students were outpacing the rest of the nation thanks to efforts made with COVID relief funds.
  • Topic(s): Accelerated Learning/Tutoring, Literacy
  • State(s): North Carolina
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
Oregon Addresses Broad Spectrum of Needs, Including Well-Being Services
Oregon’s state education agency directed funds to three key needs: physical and mental health services, transitions for incoming kindergarteners, and post-pandemic revitalization in Tribal nations.
  • Topic(s): School-Based Mental and Behavioral Health, American Indian and Alaska Native, Early Education
  • State(s): Oregon
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
Grow Your Own Recruitment Programs Quadruple in Missouri Districts
Local teacher recruitment efforts have been a focus in Missouri for more than 5 years. COVID relief funds brought the model to hundreds more districts across the state.
  • Topic(s): Recruitment, SEA Operations and Performance Management
  • State(s): Missouri
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
New Summer Programs in West Virginia Deliver Academic and Social-Emotional Results
Local education agencies in West Virginia spent ESSER II dollars on summer learning and enrichment. In 2021, 30,000 students were served, and the majority maintained or gained proficiency in ELA and math.
  • Topic(s): SEA Operations and Performance Management, Summer and Out-of-School Time, Social-Emotional Learning
  • State(s): West Virginia
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
Hawaii's Students Achieve Academic Gains Across Core Subjects
Hawaii’s state education superintendent sees the benefits of the state’s return to in-person learning.
  • Topic(s): Accelerated Learning/Tutoring
  • State(s): Hawaii
  • Center or Affiliate: CCSSO
Indiana’s GYO Program Addresses All-Time High Teacher Shortage
With 96% of districts reporting a shortage of educators, the Indiana Department of Education established a Grow Your Own program by recruiting high school students interested in the profession. A pilot helped state leaders identify and overcome challenges, paving the way for statewide expansion. The state looked to the Region 8 Comprehensive Center to coach department staff on effective recruitment and retention strategies and deliver mentor training to 60 teachers working with participants.
  • Topic(s): Professional Development, Recruitment, College and Career Preparation
  • State(s): Indiana
  • Center or Affiliate: Region 8 Comprehensive Center
National Center Forms Communities of Practice to Tackle Education’s Biggest Post-Pandemic Challenges
The National Comprehensive Center brought together state education agency teams to function as Communities of Practice to focus on critical educational issues related to equity, out-of-school time programming, and use of American Rescue Plan funds.
  • Topic(s): Financial Management, School Improvement, Summer and Out-of-School Time
  • Center or Affiliate: National Comprehensive Center
Ohio Leverages a Whole Child Framework to Create Dynamic Systems of Change
To address children’s comprehensive needs, the Ohio Department of Education adopted a Whole Child Framework that considers the needs and dimensions of wellness that support students in achieving healthy and positive outcomes. Partners and collaborative teams helped drive this effort, with support from the Region 8 Comprehensive Center. This framework serves as a catalyst for districts to shift their perspective and approach to help children by focusing on multiple dimensions of child well-being.
  • Topic(s): Social-Emotional Learning
  • State(s): Ohio
  • Center or Affiliate: Region 8 Comprehensive Center