Continuing Education for Teachers

This collection outlines some of the varied options available to teachers for continuing education, including online learning opportunities, instructional leadership training, self-assessment tools, mentorship, and state-specific approaches. 

State Scan of Professional Learning Activities
Resource Type: Practice guide
2018 PDF (pdf)
This practice guide includes six states' professional development opportunities related to standards implementation practices. The state scan was completed in order to examine how those states support their standards implementation processes.
Nurturing High-Quality Early Learning and Leadership Across the Pre-K-3 Continuum Institute
Resource Type: Policy/Policy brief
2018 PDF (pdf)
This brief summarizes the results from an online survey on evidence-based practices and resources on early childhood education.  Participants from state education agencies (SEA) attended sessions led by experts in the field, networked to learn about ongoing efforts in other states, and discussed strategies for improving early childhood supports for Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) implementation planning.
Teacher Leadership: Teacher Self-Assessment Tool
Resource Type: Tools/Toolkit
2017 PDF (pdf)
Teachers, working on their own or with others, can use this tool to assess their level of readiness for being a teacher leader and develop a plan to prepare themselves for leadership positions.
The Engagement Playbook: A Toolkit for Engaging Stakeholders Around the Four Domains of Rapid School Improvement
Resource Type: Practice guide
2018 PDF (pdf)
This toolkit on stakeholder engagement, written for staff, district, and school leaders who oversee and support school turnaround efforts, focuses first on school-level change, and then connects district and state efforts to the Four Domains framework: turnaround leadership, talent development, instructional transformation, and culture shift.
Teacher Leadership Toolkit 2.0: Strategies to Build, Support, and Sustain Teacher Leadership
Resource Type: Tools/Toolkit
2019 PDF (pdf)
This State Teacher Leadership Toolkit includes a synthesis of research on teacher leadership, current examples, and useful tools for designing, implementing, and supporting teacher leadership initiatives.