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The California Comprehensive Center is one of the 23 Comprehensive Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. The California Comprehensive Center provides the California Department of Education (CDE) with high-quality, relevant, and useful information, resources, tools, and consultative expertise so that it can lead and sustain state-level initiatives that result in improved outcomes for students. The primary outcomes include increased capacity for the CDE to: (1) set and support rigorous expectations for each student’s high-quality schooling, (2) identify and share evidence-based and promising practices, and (3) support high-quality local implementation of strategies for continuous improvement.

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Initial Impact of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) Policy on Preparation Programs
Resource Type: Publication
2018 PDF (pdf)
This publication explores the impact of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) Policy on administrator preparation programs.
Professional Learning System Review: A Companion Tool for the Quality Professional Learning Standards
Resource Type: Practice guide
2016 PDF (pdf)
The Quality Professional Learning Standards are intended to help educators, local educational agencies, and the state develop and contextualize professional learning system goals and plans. This tool helps educators determine whether they are implementing professional learning that is based upon sound research, strategies, and practices.
ESSA EEE: Educator Standards & Assessments
Type: Project
State(s): California
In this study, The Initial Impact of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) Policy on Preparation Programs, researchers sought to examine the initial impact of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) policy by identifying early changes in administrator preparation programs' practices. Major findings in the areas of Coursework, Fieldwork, Resources, and Support are complemented by a discussion section that provides related commentary about key issues in the field of education to examine and a considerations section that identifies several short-term and long-term actions that policymakers, state-level agencies, and educators in the field may want to think about carrying out.