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Center Spotlight - West Comprehensive Center

The West Comprehensive Center (WCC), serving Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, is a federally-funded technical assistance center. WCC convenes regional and state communities of practice; provides expertise, onsite consultation and guidance; and supports current and emerging research, evidence-based practices, and resources in eight priority areas: standards and assessments, school turnaround, excellence in the educator workforce, school readiness, post-secondary career and college opportunities, innovations in teaching, data-based decision-making, and productivity.

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RG SEA Executive Leadership
Type: Project
State(s): Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada
WCC is providing support to the chief state school officer and his/her executive teams to address their unique executive leadership roles and responsibilities in leading state education goals and priorities and strengthen organizational management, efficiencies and effectiveness.
Regional Talent for Turnaround Leadership Academy
Type: Project
State(s): Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island
In collaboration with GTL, CST, and the West CC, the NECC is providing strategic support to state and LEA teams focused on attracting supporting and retaining educator talent in high need, low performing schools.
AZ Formative Assessment
Type: Project
State(s): Arizona
WCC is building the capacity of the SEA, LEAs, school leaders, and teachers to both scale and sustain effective formative assessment practice within a larger comprehensive assessment system and support standards-based instruction.
NV School Safety
Type: Project
State(s): Nevada
WCC is providing research and expertise to the Nevada Governor's School Safety Task Force to make recommendations for improvements in school safety polices and practices.
Colorado Graduation Guidelines and Readiness Demonstrations: State Strategies That Support Personalized Learning
Resource Type: Presentation
2017 PDF (pdf)
This series facilitates cross-state sharing of interesting and novel, student-centered policies and practices that improve postsecondary readiness and success. Colorado Graduation Guidelines provide a roadmap to help students and their families plan for success after high school.
American Indian/Alaska Native Adolescent Suicide: Risk Factors, Protective Factors, and Prevention Opportunities in Education Settings: An Annotated Bibliography
Resource Type: Bibliography
2016 PDF (pdf)
This bibliography lists and summarizes resources from a sample of studies that examine risk and/or protective factors or suicide prevention programs for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth.