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The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center) is part of a national network of centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education (ED) to support state education leaders in their efforts to grow, respect, and retain great teachers and leaders for all students.

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Teacher Leadership Toolkit 2.0: Strategies to Build, Support, and Sustain Teacher Leadership
Resource Type: Tools/Toolkit
2019 PDF (pdf)
This State Teacher Leadership Toolkit includes a synthesis of research on teacher leadership, current examples, and useful tools for designing, implementing, and supporting teacher leadership initiatives.
Mentoring and Induction Toolkit 2.0: Supporting Teachers in High-Need Contexts
Resource Type: Tools/Toolkit
2019 PDF (pdf)
The GTL Center’s Mentoring and Induction Toolkit is a ready-to-use resource for states working closely with districts to build strong mentoring and induction programs. The purpose of the GTL Center’s Mentoring and Induction Toolkit is to give regional comprehensive centers (RCCs) and state education agencies (SEAs) tools, resources, and support to facilitate meaningful conversations with local education agencies (LEAs) about the design and implementation of effective, high-quality mentoring and induction programs.
Insights on Diversifying the Educator Workforce: Data Tool for Practitioners
Resource Type: Tools/Toolkit
2018 PDF (pdf)
This user-friendly tool identifies and visualizes diversity gaps across the entire educator career continuum, from “future teachers” graduating from high school and entering preparation programs, to preservice teachers entering the educator workforce, and growing and developing into experienced classroom instructors.
National School Leadership Standards Map
Type: Resource
2019 N/A (no file)
National School Leadership Standards Map helps state education agency staff, researchers, and practitioners quickly and easily locate information on school leadership standards, principal supervisor standards, principal evaluation policies, and principal preparation policies in all 50 states.
Evidence-based Mentoring & Induction Programs in High-Need Contexts
Type: Project
State(s): Colorado, Hawaii, District of Columbia, Indiana, Georgia, Rhode Island, Mississippi
This project helps SEAs and LEAs build evidence-based mentoring and induction programs to strengthen new teacher supports in high-need and low performing schools.
Talent for Turnaround Leadership Academy (T4TLA)
Type: Project
State(s): Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, New Hampshire
T4TLA helps states link equitable access and school improvement through talent management systems that attract, support, and retain effective educators in high-need contexts.