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The Northwest Comprehensive Center (NWCC) at Education Northwest works with the region’s state education agencies (SEAs) as they support their schools and districts in improving academic outcomes, closing achievement gaps, and increasing the quality of instruction for their students.  Given the challenges of fluctuating budgets, frequent staff turnover, and other social and political contexts of this region, NWCC works in partnership with the SEAs to understand their priorities and provide them with customized support. 

Learn more about NWCC's current projects and related resources here:

Leadership Coaching: Evidence-Based Best Practices
Resource Type: Publication
2015 PDF (pdf)
This practice brief offers a review of literature related to leadership coaching, best practices identified by those working in the field of leadership (or principal) coaching, and an extrapolation of the evidence based on the literature.
Every Student Succeeds Act Tribal Consultation Pre-Planning Tool for Tribes
Resource Type: Tools/Toolkit
2018 PDF (pdf)
The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) stresses the importance of improving educational outcomes for American Indian and Alaska Native students. This pre-planning tool helps tribes work with Local Education Agencies (LEAs) while preparing and submitting plans or applications for federal programs.
The Practice of and Support for Effective Teaching: Recent Research Evidence
Resource Type: Bibliography
2016 PDF (pdf)
Planning, designing, and implementing effective instruction and assessment demands a clear understanding of how teaching drives learning and how learning informs teaching. This document summarizes recent research evidence on the practice of and support for effective teaching. The document focuses on the Washington State Teacher Evaluation Model which has eight criteria and three “preferred” instructional frameworks to support implementation.
Dual Credit System Improvement Guide for Building and District Leaders
Resource Type: Practice guide
2018 PDF (pdf)
A guide designed to help Washington state's school and district leaders understand and interpret dual credit statistics; assess strengths and challenges; and develop plans to improve dual credit opportunities in their district.
NW RISE Network
Type: Project
State(s): Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington
NWCC partners with Boston College & SEAs in the Northwest region to grow a network of rural schools that share common problems of practice and desire to improve outcomes for students.
Idaho's State Technical Assistance Team (STAT)
Type: Project
State(s): Idaho
Idaho's State Technical Assistance Team (STAT) is serving as a clearinghouse to align, oversee, and support the creation and implementation of school improvement plans for schools identified as in need of comprehensive or targeted support.