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Resources for Social & Emotional Aspects of Safe Schools

This collection offers resources for creating a proactive, positive approach to school safety, focusing on early identification of problem behaviors and strategies for improving school climate for all students. Click here to see all resources for social/emotional/behavorial learning

Early Warning Signs for Students Struggling with Attendance, Behavior Issues, or Course Performance Problems
Resource Type: Bibliography
2017 PDF (pdf)
This annotated bibliography lists resources, including initiatives and programs, that are evidence-based and designed to help schools help students who are struggling with attendance (sometimes due to homelessness), behavior issues, or course performance problems.
Brain Based Learning: School Safety – Acts of Nature, Acts of People
Resource Type: Presentation
2014 PDF (pdf)
These presentation slides introduce brain-based learning and consider the potential positive impact of brain-based learning environments on school safety.
School Climate and Culture, and the Culture of Innovation
Resource Type: Bibliography
2015 PDF (pdf)
This annotated bibliography lists resources related to school climate and culture, including the culture of innovation. Topics covered include effective school discipline, the role of positive learning environments, racial disparities, the interplay of achievement and discipline, the use of school culture to foster deeper learning, and reducing problem behaviors.
Great Lakes Comprehensive Center (GLCC) Impact Stories: Reducing School Suspensions and Expulsions in Michigan
Resource Type: Publication
2017 PDF (pdf)
This report describes how Michigan schools are focusing on creating culture change and addressing behavioral concerns using non-exclusionary methods.
Social and Emotional Learning Project: Standards, Competencies, and Professional Learning Supports
Type: Project
State(s): Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, New Jersey, Ohio, Iowa, Washington, North Dakota, Wisconsin
The SEL Project helps states, districts, schools, and educators introduce social and emotional learning (SEL) into the daily function of schools and classrooms. Our team works directly with states and their stakeholders to thoughtfully align and integrate SEL into existing state initiatives.
Social and Emotional Learning/School Climate Management Plan
Type: Project
State(s): Ohio
GLCC collaborates with the GTL Center to provide content expertise to ODE, an advisory group, and working groups to develop SEL standards (K-12) and revise current school climate guidelines. GLCC also supports the development of evidence-based tools and other resources that support SEL and school climate strategies.