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Resources for English Learners

From individualized learning to employability skills, this collection offers resources that emphasize ways to help English learners succeed in the classroom.  Click here to see all resources for English learners

North Carolina Partnership Supports Stronger Teaching for English Learners
Resource Type: Publication
2017 PDF (pdf)
The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is working to finalize a peer observation rubric and follow-up implementation survey, as part of NCDPI’s support services for local education agencies and teachers that provide instruction for ELs.
English Language Proficiency Assessment: Assessment Administration for Newly Arrived Students Under ESSA
Resource Type: Policy/Policy brief
2017 PDF (pdf)
The Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation conducted a scan of 15 approved ESSA state plans for mid-year assessments of English Language Proficiency. This document describes the options for assessing these students and presents a chart of the indicators used and ELP assessment timing for each of the 15
Dynamic. Deliberate. Doable. Personalized Learning for Emergent Bilinguals
Resource Type: Practice guide
2017 PDF (pdf)
This guide addresses key areas for teachers of K-12 students with diverse language and literacy backgrounds. The author focuses on personalized teaching of content to emergent bilingual students, but includes strategies and suggestions that support students of all language backgrounds.
Alabama English Learners
Type: Project
State(s): Alabama
Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) is collaborating with SECC to co-plan and co-facilitate English learner (EL) stakeholder meetings for developing the state’s EL professional development plan.
Louisiana Language Instruction for English Learners
Type: Project
State(s): Louisiana
SC3 is providing professional learning, coaching, and resources for English Language Coaches who assist general education teachers in improving outcomes for English Learners.