Center Spotlight - BSCP

The BSCP Center provides technical assistance to SEAs, which builds their capacity to support local educational agencies (LEAs or districts) and schools, by providing high quality information, tools, and implementation support to help them shift from a “compliance-based” to a “performance-oriented” approach. The BSCP has developed three lines of technical assistance projects and collection of supporting resources:

Strategic Communications
Type: Project
The Strategic Communications approach employs a holistic agency-wide process tied to agency goals; addresses the needs of both internal and external stakeholders; focuses on clarity, alignment, and coordination; proactively controls key agency messages; and employs a continuous feedback process.
Financial Transparency and Productivity
Type: Project
The ESSA reporting requirement presents an opportunity for SEAs to help schools/districts leverage their dollars to do the most for students. The goal for states isn’t only to promote a focus on equity, but also to build a useful tool and interface that drive productivity improvements across the entire schooling system.
Strategic Performance Management
Type: Project
The BSCP Center’s Strategic Performance Management technical assistance project helps the state educational agency elevate its performance to set its own direction and operate in accordance with the will of its state’s people and their representatives.