Development of Resources to Help States Advance Education for Native Students: Circles of Reflection – Dr. Iris PrettyPaint, Kauffman & Associates, Inc. (KAI); Dr. Janet Gordon, KAI; Dr. Priscilla Maynor, imagineED Partners; Dr. Sam Redding, National Comprehensive Center (NCC); Amanda Cantrell, KAI; Yvette Journey, KAI; Anna Morgan, KAI; Josephine Keefe, KAI; Dr. Jenna Scott, NCC

Support for Circles of Reflection: A Toolkit for SEAs – Amanda Andrews, NCC; Lindsay Wise, NCC; and Tanya Collins, NCC

Native Education Collaborative Expert Panel – Ken Adams, Deborah Bordeaux, Jonathan Claymore, Diana Cournoyer, Liz Medicine Crow, Tony Dearman, Loverty Erickson, Julian Guerrero, Melanie Johnson, Johanna Jones, Willie Kasayulie, Melody McCoy, Sam Morseau, Quinton Roman Nose, and Michael Pavel.

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Smoker Broaddus, M., Bitterman, A. (2023). Circles of Reflection: A Toolkit for SEAs. Rockville, MD: National Comprehensive Center at Westat.

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