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Succeeding During the Pandemic

This collection shows resources that will help SEAs, REAs, LEAs and schools succeed during the pandemic. It includes resources produced by the National Comprehensive Center’s Systemic Technical Assistance Team (STAT) to successfully meet the needs of students and educators during significant disruptions. This collection also includes information about how the pandemic shutdown will affect school district revenues and what the financial turmoil will mean for public education. The collection also includes a set of links to resources that have been curated by National Center staff to support SEAs, LEAs, and school administrators during the pandemic.


Click here to visit the National Center Website

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Comprehensive Center Network Website

Welcome to the Comprehensive Center Network (CC Network)! The U.S. Department of Education awarded new five-year grants  to 19 Regional Comprehensive Centers and 1 National Comprehensive Center.  These 5-year grants will provide services to all fifty States, the District of Columbia, the Bureau of Indian Education, and U.S. Territories and outlying areas.  Here you can learn about the Centers, search information for all 20 Centers’ resources, and request technical assistance.                                                                                      

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New Resource Posted about Return to School

This toolkit is for the principal and the team the principal assembles to help everyone return to school, whatever that may look like. Suggested actions, recommended resources, quick tip sheets—the toolkit is a handy computer desktop companion for helping people with Change, Communication, Collaboration, and Care in the time of COVID. Click on the links below to view a short vlog that describes each section.

Open Returning to School: A Toolkit for Principals

Development                                   Change 

Communication                               Collaboration 

Care                                                    Testimony 


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New RC Websites Now Live!

Several Regional Centers have launched their websites, check them out below:  

Regional Center 1                                Regional Center 3 

Regional Center 5                                Regional Center 6                               

Regional Center 7                                Regional Center 9

Regional Center 14                              Regional Center 16                              

Regional Center 17                              National Center

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New RC Twitter Accounts Now Live!

Several Regional Centers have set up accounts on social media, check them out below:

Regional Center 1                          Regional Center 5

Regional Center 7                          Regional Center 8

Regional Center 9                          Regional Center 12

Regional Center 14                        Regional Center 16                        

Regional Center 17                        National Center

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Blog Post
National Center Logo
Jan 20, 2021
The National Comprehensive Center has published a new resource announcing the development of a School Spending Data Archive. The archive will capture school-by-school spending figures reported by each state (as required by ESSA). The data are being aggregated, normed, and made comparable, publicly accessible, and aligned with other national-scale data sets, including those with student demographics and outcomes. The paper describes how these…
Blog Post
Jan 19, 2021
The Region 5 Comprehensive Center (R5CC) has been meeting with representatives from the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) to identify priorities for our second year of Technical Assistance (TA) and capacity building. Kentucky, like other states, has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. It had to close and reopen schools, and then close again. Kentucky quickly implemented its robust plan for Nontraditional Instruction (NTI) to…
Blog Post
National Center Logo
Jan 11, 2021
The National Center released a set of seven policy briefs designed to support states and regional centers to better understand the different types of school choice policies that exist: charter schools, private school choice programs, homeschooling, virtual schooling, dual enrollment, and open enrollment. The seventh brief examines how each of these school choice policies plays out in rural communities. These policies include a range of options…
Blog Post
Region 2 logo
Dec 21, 2020
The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northeast and Islands and the Region 2 Comprehensive Center (R2CC) are seeing exciting early benefits of collaborating to provide coordinated support to states and districts in our region. While the REL and the R2CC both provide technical assistance, we have different but complementary areas of focus. The Comprehensive Center Network supports states and districts in identifying, implementing, and…
National Center Logo
Dec 17, 2020
The National Center has received Department of Education funding to guide and support a diverse cohort of local education agencies (LEAs) in their efforts to improve the usefulness of school-by-school per-pupil expenditure data and enhance decision making capacity about resource allocations, particularly among parents and other education advocates, school board members and administrators. The National Comprehensive Center is offering around 10…